RADO Jubilee Ceramic Watches - ID a fake!

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After having a bad trading experience with a seller on ebay whereby I paid several hundred pounds for a Rado watch which then turned out to be a fake! I thought the kindest thing to do would be to write a guide on here for other buyers wishing to purchase a Rado watch from any seller on ebay.
After my watch broke on the first day of use, I then took it to a Rado dealer to have it authentisitated upon the advise of ebay. After taking one glance at the watch I had purchased, the shop assistant informed me that mine was definitely a fake as it had a second hand on it when genuine Rado ceramica jubilee watches do not. After checking this out on Rado's website http://www.rado.com/en/Collection/Integral/Pages/default.aspx?ref=160.0338.3.073
I realised that yes it deffinitely was in fact a fake. I would like to take this opportunity to advise any ebay users to be wary of sellers claiming the item they are selling is genuine and if need be check the item you are buying closely against a picture on Rado's own website.
This was a stupidly easy mistake to make but has since left me without a very special 21st birthday present, so please avoid the upset this has caused me and be wary of buyers selling items at incredibly low prices as they may not be genuine. It is shame that I have had this experience and have had the need to write this review as there are many many genuine traders on ebay and it is sad that there are a few that need to ruin it for all the others. Any questions please feel free to email me :o)
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