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In recent years there has been an increase in the sale of radios that are illegal to use or in some cases even turn on. This guide is an explanation of what to look for on a radio(s) you are interested in.


What makes a radio illegal to use?

This is a list of things you might find in an item description or title. If the item you want to bid on has any of these in it, then it's ILLEGAL to use in the UK, if there is an exception to any of these i'll explain it.


1. If the power is listed as anything over half a watt or in other words 0.5W (unless you have a business licence or amatuer radio licence that allows you to use higher)

2. The radio says it's frequency range is anything but 446.019MHz to 446.1MHz any more and you are going into non-permitted frequencies) (again, unless you have a business licence or amatuer radio licence, and then you may only transmit on frequencies permitted by your specific licence)

So radios listed as 400-470MHz or 136-174MHZ or similiar cannot be used without the appropriate licence.

3. The radio is listed as GMRS or FRS. This is the american radio system, it's illegal to use as it operates different powers and frequencies.

So generally, if the radio is any of the following makes: PUXING, FeiDaxin, Jingtong, Linton, Quansheng, FDC, Wouxon, Weierwei, Baofeng, and many more.. These are all import models that are normally 5W and on the wrong frequencies. They're also generally really poor build quality, and won't give you good performance.


Still not sure, if you want to contact me i'll be glad to help and will be able to inform you if it's permitted in the UK.



Hope this helps,

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