REAL and FAKE Ralph Lauren Polo - Whats The Difference

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Hi there - thanks for readin this and hope you find it useful!

I am a trusted powerseller on ebay and sell only 100% authentic clothing items.

I have been dealing with many suppliers before and had good and bad experiences in regard to the authenticity! And now I feel I should pass my knowledge to you, so here are a few tips how to spot the difference between a fake RL polo and a real RL polo.

  • Check where the top was made - Often the fake tops are made in countries such as Pakistan etc such the authentic classic polo ones are USUALLY made in either Philippenes or Sri Lanka.
  • Check the position of the polo player - The polo player should be basically in line with the bottom of the buttoned area. Fakes often have the polo player around 3cm away from this area!
  • Check the quality of the polo player -  On many fakes the polo player is very very very fuzzy and of poor quality!
  • Check the quality of the collar - All authentic RL polos should have firm enough collars to easily lift up but many fakes one have weak collars!
  • Check the price label -  Classic Rl polo's should have a price tag of $65.00 and not $52.50 like so many poor rip-offs!
  • Check the RL card label - Poor fakes have very poor quality labels which appear stuck by glue etc, the real ones have a natural and professional finish to them.

Hope these pointers make it easier to spot the fakes and help you save money and think before buying!

I am selling these authentic RL tops as well as many other AUTHENTIC clothes so if you want feel free to check out my other items.

Thanks for readin this and hope it helps,

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