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Many people have been charged hefty fees by their banks.

It turns out these fees are unlawful;  thousands of people have successfully reclaimed millions of pounds.

The banks turn and squirm, plead and threaten, but always eventually give in and refund you money.

This guide tells you exactly how to get your fees back.  It includes

* how to find out what you bank has charged you over the last six years
* a free spreadsheet for calculating what to claim, including interest
* standard letters for you to send to your bank after filling in the amounts
* addresses to send you letters to
* how to use the government moneyclaim site if your bank does not pay up
 * how to send the bailiffs round to collect the cash

And - best of all - it is free!

Just go to and register free.  Then see and read the FAQs.

You do not need to pay anyone for their services - just the £10 Data Protection Act fee to your bank to obtain your past six years' statements, and the court fee of about £20 to £120 (which you can recover in your claim.)

The content of this guide is not endorsed by any group or organization - I felt it was important to post this as some sellers are charging for templates and advice that is freely available on the internet.

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