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Hiya everyone,

Whilst browsing the terms and conditions for my recently won Red Bull Flugtag tickets I noticed this...

"This ticket has a value of £0.00. If any attempt is made to profit from the sale of this ticket via an auction site, Red Bull will identify the ticket immediately and invalidate it. Red Bull cannot be held responsible for any loses associated with tickets purchased via an auction site that later turn out to be duplicated or invalidated tickets".

Also they have updated the website with this....

"We have noticed that some rather unscrupulous ticket holders are trying to make a quick buck by selling their free tickets on auction sites such as EBay.

Please be aware that  tickets sold via auction sites etc. will be automatically invalidated and will be rejected if any attempt is made to redeem them at scanning points at this event. So to avoid disappointment please do not be tempted to bid on these tickets as you are only encouraging people to profit from free items that are not for resale under any circumstances (as per the terms and conditions which are printed on every ticket.)"

Just thought I should warn the people paying like £10+ for these that there is a fairly good chance that they might not be able to use the tickets :o(

The ballot is open until Friday 23rd May so you could still try for some free ones on the website

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