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I am not a happy seller with this FREE DELIVERY for Vinyl Items in the Entertainment Section of EBAY now.

Firstly:Some LP's have double Sleeves and inserts which make that LP more expensive for Postage.I charge £2.99 for the FIRST LP and £0.99p for each subsequent LP in the UK.If someone,as a buyer is at the moment,buys 4 LP's,then the Postage is £5.96.Now for thae sake of argument only ONE LP has a heavy Double Gate-Fold sleeve,that is really a 5 LP cost in effect because of the 'additions' to that ONE LP.What price if more than the one LP is of the heavy type?.I make the LP's P&P cost as an 'average' as it allows for that variance.

Do I as the seller now pay that 'extra cost' myself?.Now to make the LP reach the same end price as it was previously on EBAY -£1.99 Item + £2.99 P&P cost- I have to price each single LP at £4.99 as the minimum.......That's £1.99 as the often usual start for most of the LP's I sell,and the £2.99 that was the UK P&P cost previously.

Now we get to the bare bones of HOW I always send LP's.

Every LP that leaves here in the Mail has a NEW 12" 400gm POLYTHENE SLEEVE and it's mailed off in a specially bought Mailer along with TWO Stiffeners.

Now ask me how I feel morally about having to 'hide' the P&P costs?.Not good at all,in fact very very displeased indeed.What price honesty with EBAY buyers of LP's as in this instance?.Who made up this stupid stupid and downright,lets be honest,greedy method to sell LP's on EBAY?.

No one from EBAY ever asked ME what my thoughts were about it,and I have been on EBAY for over 9 years now.I am going onto another Site to sell my Music Items,LP's,45's,CD's and as well as my DVD's.......all on another Auction Site that is a much more fair way to sell Items without being made by dint of telling me as a seller how and what way I can now 'sell' LP's.


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