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Ahhh yes fruit machine refill keys.

Firstly let me start by saying these keys DO work. I got a absalute bargin off ebay and paid £2.00 for the key and P+P. It was a origional Baton key which i later got a copy of.

The copies WILL NOT snap or bend as long as the key is pushed all the way in. I have been using my copy for around 6months now and have used it 200++ times. Every time it has been a smooth fit and turn.

The keys WILL NOT give you free games of pool as some sellers state or will not give you a advantage over other players. It is worth having a look how full the machine is as if it is full (1 x 0) it could have been full for a while so it will probibly be about to play.

The main advantage of having a key is to see (on about 50% of machines i have tried) how much the last player won. If it is a substantial amount it is one to steer clear of but if the hopper is full and no one has won it would be worth putting a few quid in to see how it plays.

I would recomend buying one but i wouldent recomend paying over a fiver inc P+P.

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