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Like if this guide is helpful
theirs many on ebay, 
but remember,  99% OR THESE ARE ILLEGAL, 
if its got a reliant log book and the chassis is not the reliant, or has been modded the likelihood is its wrong, 
basically its the same as putting a vehicles identity on another vehicle, ringing..
the mot will be wrongly done, 
if you get stopped by vosa you will get the documents and mot scrapped at least,  THE VEHICLE CRUSHED  at worst, 
a trike after 2001 MUST HAVE A MSVA CERT(unless its a bolt on type bike trike, wich will say its a trike on the v5 anyway)
before 2001 it willsay on the front, "kit vehicle, or made from previosly used parts etc0

if it says ROBIN/RIALTO/ESTATE/SALOON ETC do NOT  buy it until you have checked with VOSA, 
(NOT DVLA as they just quote the v5), 

try the mankymotors website, all the info is there, 
dont just ask a trike owner, they could be wrong,,

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