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hi,my names eamonn and im going to give my views on the retro world from my personal experiance,against the new tech of today,if some one says to you name a retro console,your first thought is what ,sega sonic,nintendo mario,even today these are house hold names,but lets weigh up the costs,this is how you spend 39.99 and end up with nothing in 8 weeks,you buy a new realease game 39.99 we agree on that,after a week or 2 you take it back and trade it in yes,and what you get is 19.99 trade in,you then buy some thing for 19.99,you take that back 2 weeks later its then worth 9.99 trade in,you then buy some thing for 9.99 and then 2 weeks later its worth a fiver,you buy some thing for a fiver and then you trade that back in 2 weeks later its worth a quid,so in 8 weeks youv gone from 40 quid to haveing nothing for your money,compared to the retro world  as of todays prices a snes costs 39,99,in 2 weeks time its still worth 39.99 and in another 2 weeks its still worth 39.99,the great thing about retro it dosent depreciate any more its stabilised,no one is interested in modern tech its worthless,its one of the most depreciated items ever no matter what a new game a new phone a new console it doesnt matter in 8 weeks time its out of date and worth less,the life expectency of a new console is around 4 years before its worth nothing ps2 when it first come out 300 quid u can get em for a tenner on a car boot,worthless,its technology from the beginning thats makeing the come back,modern games are just to flash and to complicated  and to expensive,space invaders,pacman is still the most played game in the world,you will play a ps2 game for 5 mins before its lost its appeal,but the old games are so much fun you want to come back and come back for more cause there easy playable,and you always want to beat your high score,new games of today are just not fun any more,and for that reason they loose there appeal far to quickley so they try to bring the old retro games on the new consoles by doing sega classics capcom classics,casue they have run out of ideas and people arnt that bothered,they get on to a good title say grand theft auto there is around 18 different versions of the game,i mean what the hells that all about,there all the bloody same,basically what im trying to say is old school is a sure winner if you dont want to lose ya money retro is the way to go,if you spend a tenner on an old retro game itl still be worth a tenner years later maybe more who nows,this guide has probably not helped in any way but hey ive had a good moan lol thanks for looking laterz guys

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