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Hi,just a quick message

.I recently sent goods to an address supplied by paypal as a verified address,the buyer left positive feedback for me and i did the same.Three days later paypal informed me that the buyers account was used fraudulently and reversed the payment,this left me out of pocket for the item and postage costs, plus paypal still charged me for the privelidge of being ripped off.I have contacted the member since it was their address I sent the parcel to and have recieved no reply(surprise surprise)I also contacted paypal(an almost impossible task)and was told that since I didnt send the item recorded delivery I am not covered by paypal protection!!!.despite them authorizing the payment to me and telling me where to send it!!!!Thanks paypal your such a help

So the moral is always send your parcels recorded delivery or risk getting ripped off like me,

p.s. Its now well over two months since posting this guide and still no payments even though the member sent me an email saying that she had the item!!!! still no help from paypal,tried an unpaid dispute but ebay closed it after the other member failed to respond, wrote to member and asked for payment or paypal transaction number and surprise surprise no joy,so i thought that i would warn you all about this buyer.the user name is sznncmpncq16 and i suggest that you treat all bids with suspicion.Remember that i had the payment in my account and sent the goods then they reversed the payment(not unlike the nigerian scams)seller beware!!!

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