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For those of you who have not seen this terrific film, I welcome you to one of the best poker films ever made.

Matt Damon stars as a Rounder(a person who makes a living at playing cards) who goes broke when he looses his entire bankroll to the cardshark Teddy K.G.B. Swearing never to return to poker Matt knuckles down and studies to be a lawyer alongside his girlfriend.

All goes well until the return of Matts best friend Worm whom manages to convince Matt that he should return to poker.

What follows is a masterclass in the skills needed in order to play the most popular poker game around- Texas Hold 'em.

A great cast that act there roles superbly, this films is a must-see for all those with an interest in this genre.

Comparisons have been made between this film and the legendery Cinncinatti Kid and I feel this is a valid comparison as both films have a lot to offer.

The script is original and believable if not a bit predictable. Those of you(myself included) that actually play Texas Hold 'em will enjoy the way the hands are played in this film as they were based on actual hands played by professionals in Hold 'em tournaments.

So get out the beers and popcorn and prepare to enjoy a highly entertaining film that I would rate as an   8/10.



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