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30+ years of riding. Motorcycle instructor in real life and I can say with out fear of correction these are the best heated grips I have ever fitted to my bikes,and believe me I've had loads of sets over the years.
The Oxford ones are the same apart from the sticker on the switch,but these are less than half the price.
 4 settings on the switch, 25/50/75 and 100%
Switch them on at 100% and within 1 min' they will be warm,By 2 min's they are that hot you'll be looking to turn them down and at 3 min's you will have turned them down. Even with thick leather/Gore-tex winter gloves on they are too hot on 100%
 The button is a little thing with gloves on but you soon get used to it.
What can I say other than they are REALLY REALLY good, very hot, and a doddle to fit.
Do yourself a favor and get some. I got mine from this chap.....
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