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 A WORD ON PRICING ROYAL DOULTON  FIGURINES                            
Its hard to put a value on Royal Doulton figurines many people use the Charlton price guide                
which is not a very good guide to Ebay  prices. The guide is taken from shop prices in the USA  & Canadae Charlton press also uses Pascoe And Company for there price also  auction house prices  but factors them by 2.                               
The Old Balloon Seller is valued at £100 in the Charlton book (12TH EDITION)   on Ebay the average is £62, this average is based on 2 years data with 266 sold on eBAY Auction style listing                              
here are some more examples based on 3 years history

                                             Avg Ebay price     Amount sold
HN1315    Old Balloon Seller       £63.87                  441
HN1368    Rose                             £23.48                 252
HN1370    Marie                           £22.01                 202
HN1678    Dinky                           £20.98                 228
HN1834    Top Of The Hill            £33.99                 367
HN1843    Biddy Penny F              £64.09                159
HN1934    Autumn Breezes          £33.82                 177
HN1954    Balloon Man                £70.21                139
HN2193    Fair Lady                     £28.10                140
HN2229    Southern Belle            £33.45                 175
HN2792    Elaine blue                  £34.16                 135
HN3365    Patricia 1993              £46.83                  52
HN3375    Mary  1992                 £69.84                  83
HN3447    Jennifer fig of year      £43.15                  49
HN3703    Belle 1996                   £51.85                  70

So where can you find more information on what price they sell on ebay .
 If you do an Advanced search tick the box Completed listings that will give you all the sold prices for the last 3 months,. Which may give you some clue as to what your Royal Doulton is worth.     
2nd quality are not worth collecting they were sold in the Royal Doulton Shop at 75% discount to staff and visitors and should be used for display only not as an investment. the ones I have  seen   have lots of faults on them  mainly paint not applied correctly.           
What effects the price is presentation if you have a good photo of the back stamp plus front, rear, and head, you will increase your value.                               
Also is it in mint condition if so say so ------- "is in excellent condition with no chips,cracks,crazing marks or restoration"
Buyers generally dislike Reserve Price listings just put the lowest starting price you would except.   

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