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be warned i have personally experienced this myself buying tickets that i did not win in ballot from another source

, ALL TICKETS  have a passport number or drivers licence number on THEM,    , today TUESDAY(19sept) the security was so tight for just a practice day that i cant imagine fri-sun, all people who have not got correct identification with coorosponding nums on tickets are NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER EVENT, 100% true. THIS IS FOR SECURITY REASONS, and there is 3 ticket security checks at the k club in straffan co Kildare that its almost impossible to avoid all three, the only tickets that are transferable are  CORPERATE tickets for workers of a company as the company has a special number (eg i was refused on ballot ticket but gained acces with my 1 day pass (won in competition AIB IRELAND)

just a guide to tell you that dont be disappointed if you are refused entry on tickets yoy bought here on this site of any other site because IT HAS HAPPENED TO ME AND WILL HAPPEN TO OTHERS



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