Racing Air Filters for motorcycles: Quality vs Price

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What is a racing air filter?

Racing air filters are in fact performance replacement parts for  the engine of your bike.There are many types of them available in the market today but what they all do is to allow more air pass through,nothing more.

Quality vs Price

Of course that doesn't make all filters the same.Quality plays a very important role.Allowing more air in isn't the only thing a filter should do.Otherwise we could do without them.The filter should be high flow but effective at the same time: the air must be cleaned when passing through,all dust and small objects must be removed and blocked by the filter element.

That is a difficult task, that's why filters should be of high quality.A very cheap chinese filter for example might be equally or even more high flow than a more expensive quality product but that doesn't mean that it's equally good.By saving about 4-5 pounds from your new filter purchase ,without being aware of that,you cause noumerous other problems to your bike that unfortunately cost quite a lot more than  few pounds.These cheap/low quality  filters fail to withhold dust which concequently enters the carb.The dust mixed with the fuel turns into mud and it's carried in every part of the engine where the fuel flows.This way carb or injection parts are blocked and engine starts corroding,piston rings are harmed and the cylinder gets full of scratches.


Usually successful sellers refuse to sell low quality filters as they make customers unhappy and might cause, in long term, reduction of sales.Though,there are some exceptions to the rule who prefer short term easy profits to customer satisfaction.So always be careful who you buy from, keeping in mind that you get what you pay for.

If you have any questions about filters,we,at BK Racing Parts,are always willing to help.Just drop us a line.


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