Radiator Losing Water But No Apparent Leak

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A very reliable 10 year old Honda Shuttle started to loose a lot of water from the radiator.

Thames Ditton Trident Honda diagnosed & changed the radiator for over £400. Even though I knew there was no leak in the radiator it did look like it had sealed itself (perhaps with limescale or dirt) as there were indicative anti-freeze stains.

The leak continued & I could not trace it.

Finally I reverted to using K-Seal, exactly, as instructed (otherwise you can block your radiator rendering it useless) and again no leak fix, but the copper particles in the K-Seal clearly indicated the true source of the water leak.

Water was being pushed past the expansion tank cap thread and being lost.

Some PTFE tape sealed the cap for a few pennies. Use Gas rated PTFE tape which can withstand the temperatures that the expansion tank is exposed to.

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