Radley Bags,How To Spot A Fake! Things To Look For

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Radley Bags,How To Spot A Fake.

Having been a fan of Radley for years now,i have noticed more and more fakes appearing on ebay.

Here are a few tips on what to look for when buying a Radley product.

Below is an example of a fake Radley Purse

            You will notice the purse is shapeless,not what you would expect from a genuine Radley.You will also notice that the applique dog has got Radley embossed across the middle.

The only dogs that Radley make with this on are the hanging bag charms:

As shown Here. Another way to spot the fakes are with white Radley labels.The fake labels have a red dog on the bottom the real ones dont.

This is a fake.

This is real:   And lastly the interior of your Radley bag  should look just as good as the exterior,genuine bags are lined in a fine grade needlecord.Fake Radley bags are lined in a black satin(regardless of the colour of the bag).On a genuine Radley there will also be the signature label.

 Old Style Label

 New Style Label

Radley have just changed these so i have put on pictures of the old and new styles.

I hope this has been helpful and may help you with your future

 Radley purchsase.


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