Radley - Brand New with Original Tags?

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What does the above mean?

Lots of sellers on eBay sell Radley bags, and a fair proportion of these are genuine.


Some sellers sell genuine Radley bags, but 'beef them up' by describing them as 'New with Original Tags'.

What exactly do they mean by 'tags'?

I myself was caught out a while back, in my excitement, by what did turn out to be an original Radley theme bag - Penguin in fact.  .

However, I had bid a considerable sum based on the 'original tags' promise.

The bag arrived, was confirmed as genuine by an acquaintance who has a leathershop stocking Radley amongst other brands, and indeed had original tags, but did NOT have the Radley tag with the identification number of the bag.  That made it still worth a fair bit, but by no means as much as it would have been worth with that particular tag.

Fortunately in this instance the seller gave in after a few emails and refunded my money (and return postage) but later re-offered the bag and re-sold it, again using the same misleading information.  Fortunately that new buyer realised he/she had been misled and

If in doubt, check with Radley themselves - they are always pleased to help - and ask them the identification number of the bag in which you're interested.  They'll even give this information for discontinued bags.

Then email the seller and ask if the ID tag is included and, if so, ask them to supply the information from that tag.  Keep all email copies.  Then, if the bag arrives without said tag, you have a leverage point for a refund.

As stated previously, a lot of sellers are genuine, but the ones to beware of are the who business sellers who continually offer BNWT Radley theme bags.  Where do they get them?  Answer:  from eBay.  They buy as Brand New with Tags.  They then re-sell them as Brand New with Original Tags.

Another point to note: professional photos are just that - taken to show the bag to its best advantage and to lull the prospective buyer into a false sense of security. 

I think what I'm really trying to say is...Buyer Beware.  Ask the seller any questions you'd like answered whch aren't included in the listing.  If they answer to your satisfaction, great!  If they don't answer - DON'T BUY!



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