Radley Handbags

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Please be aware that Radley bought out Tula in the 1990`s and still make lovely bags but it is __very wrong for ebay members to advertise Tula bags as being made by Radley....thus be aware that if you are buying a Tula bag it will still be a quality item but it is not Radley....Dont be fooled this way as it is clear that some sellers are advertising in this way which is very wrong. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH BAG YOU WANT EITHER TULA OR RADLEY THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. A vintage Tula bag is delightful if it has been looked after but it is not a Radley bag no matter what the seller states.

The fact is Radley & Co make Tula but there is a difference and anything marked Tula is Tula not Radley.

Thank you for looking and good luck.


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