Rainbow Calsilica Calcilica Calcica

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Rainbow Calsilica, Rainbow Calcilica, Rainbow Calcica

All these names and more are being used to sell this "stone". Many sellers, especially from India, seem to be selling this as a natural stone or even a gemstone with origins from Africa. Just google these names, and you will be bombarded with information about real nature of this "stone". It is basically a man-made material, and not a naturally occuring mineral. 
Google offers a lot of information on this one, and this bit is just a small piece of it:   classicgems dot net slash gem underscore calsilica dot htm  as an example. Basically, it is layers of paint. Or, as this particular website said, a natural mineral Calcite grounded and mixed together with pigments, which was bonded together with parrafin-like substance (possibly wax or resin). 
Such sales of Rainbow Calsilica as a natural stone are happening en masse. So, in case of the sellers claiming that this is a natural stone, I am not so sure how to react. Most items they sell seem genuine, but I would have doubts about some, which are often faked, especially turquoise, which is generally expensive. I would advice to buy from such sellers with caution, for example with help of a trusted person who knows about minerals/stones. On the other hand, if it's not really expensive and you don't mind it's origin, go ahead and enjoy the piece. After all, man-made or naturally made, when worn as jewelry, is it just an accent to add to your personal charm. 
What I don't like is that sellers provide man-made as natural, lying (knowingly or not) to their customers. Let's just be honest, and people still will buy the man-made "rocks", believe me.
Thank you finegemdesigns for a great YouTube video, everyone please go visit them on YouTube and subscribe! :) 
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