Ralph Lauren Fake Polo - gasw77

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I purchased a fairly convincing Ralph Lauren long-sleeve polo fake on eBay through the seller 'gasw77'  .... The item was clearly fake, however be warned that leaving negative feedback for a seller caught selling counterfeit items can be removed by eBay. Anyone with half a brain cell will know why it is in eBay's interests to remove such feedback - although I have reported eBay for being compliant in selling counterfeit goods knowingly also. I recommend you all do the same if nothing is done about your initial report to them.

What to do first.

If you purchase fake items from gasw77  then don't bother reporting it to eBay or the manufacturer, report it to Trading Standards. Gasw77 is based in York, Yorkshire - report it to Trading Standards in York , the more people do this the better. I have already done this, it takes a few minutes.

How to tell if it's a fake?

Check the sizing label - it is wonky and Ralph Lauren sizing tags always are at 90 degrees.  The quality of the horse logo sewn into the shirt is poor - flip it over. And most telling of all, there is a TYPING ERROR on the tag! 

Report the item to Trading Standards here:

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