Rapid Arnis Fundamentals DVD

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This Dvd has taken training DVD's to a new level,

The Extreame Sharp Productions have out done themselves.In fact i would go to the Extreame and say they would be pioneers of the new training DVD format.The way they have structured the DVD is just great and a pleasure to watch,easy on the eye,none of this endless repeating of words and techiniques.

The techiniques are execute and while the techiniques are being executed,Tuhon Pat O'Malllet is giving a perfect clear explanation of th etechinique at hand.

The techiniques can be seen  in all four angles and in some cases little boxes come with a closer viewing of th ehand posistion,particular in th ebasic blocks.

The presentation and ending are not cluttered with alot of  things flying in your face,that you need to keep your eye on the DVD in casr you miss something.

The Quality of  the DVD is outstanding and the the quantity of what is on the DVD is just as outstanding.

This DVD runs for aproximatly 62 minutes and the amount of drills and techiniques on this DVD from beginer to the more advance drills.I am surprised it does not go for longer.

I am an affiliate instructor and as a newbie perspective of Rapid Arnis and as an a instructor.

This DVD caters for all players of the Filipino Martial Arst.

I for one am looking forward to the next instalments from ESP.As i understand there are more Rapid Arnis training DVD's as well as talking to the Grandmaster's series.

Im sure these DVD's will be available at Eskrimador Supplies when they are ready.

Well done Pat & Lucy O'Malley and everyone at ESP


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