Rare & best Light Gun Games for PS2 & PS1 !!

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Light gun games, there are so many excellent ones- we have all heard of Namcos Point Blank & Time Crisis games, & rightly so they are excellent. You dont need a GCon for all these games, a controller can be used. Here are some you may not have played, & some you almost definitely have....

Ghoul Panic - Namco game similar in style to Point Blank, shooting ghosts, ghouls, etc. If you like Point Blank, you will enjoy this also, as its got a similar graphic style & gameplay style without being samey.

Rescue Shot - Er, Namco again I think! Totally different game, cutesy Bo has lost his memory, you got to save him by shooting baddies that are after him, the falling objects hitting him, or shoot his feet to make him jump! Starts off easy, but stick with it, its well worth it.....

Resident Evil Survivor - This game got some bad press, I dont know why. Its not a Resi game as such, so if you are expecting that you will be disapointed, having said that I like Resi, & I love this. Capcom make ingenious use of the gun to move/interact/etc & shoot, it will take a little to master it, but its worth it.

Die Hard Trilogy - If you didnt know this had light gun mode, but beware the first Die Hard isnt GCon compatible, you will need a non GCon gun. Its a Time Crisis style game set in the Airport, & very good.

GunFighter The Legend Of Jesse James - Easily one of the best, with  a great Time Crisis like game set in the wild west, & mini games that keep you coming back! Yeeehaaaa!

Time Crisis & TC Project Titan - Good PS1 GCon games, solid gameplay. Great Value.

Time Crisis 2 - Talking of mini games, this first TC on the PS2 has some excellent ones, Shoot Away 2 (Clay Pigeon Shooting), Target practice & more, as well as the main TC2 game. Double gun mode too! Fantastic!

Time Crisis 3 - The daddy!

Vampire Night - These vampires are more active than their TC counterparts, keep lively.

End Game - I expected it to be poor, but its actually a good game, with fun mini game. Great value.

Virtua Cop - Again I was pleasantly surprised by this game, shooting baddies, always great value!

Point Blank - Perhaps the favourite of most GCon owners, PB1 is a stone wall classic, PB2 added to it, & PB3 continued. All worthy, however they are generally not as good for value as other gun games.

With Gunfighter 2, Survivor 2, Dead Aim, & lots more that I have yet to rate

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