Ray Ban - The ultimate Fakes are out!!

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Hi Guys,


  This is my second topic on Ray Ban Aviator's. My first topic was about how to identify sellers who sell fake aviators and this this I have come across what has to be the ultimate fake Ray Ban aviator's scam!! for the earlier guide pls visit the link http://reviews.ebay.co.uk/Ultimate-guide-to-spotting-fake-Ray-Ban-Sunglasses_W0QQugidZ10000000017278622


  In the above link I had mentioned about how to differentiate between fake Ray ban Aviators and Original genuine ones' Well my friend recently on my advice bought a fairly genuine look Ray Ban aviators which had the etching under the nose bridge, the same black leather pouch instead of the black and red case. There was red and white badge and also no stupid instruction manual. But it turns out that there were an absolute FAKE!!


How did we find out.. firstly the Ray Ban aviators were polarised but not even listed as polarised, the leather case was actually fake cheap quality leather look alike. The glasses even though have the etching under the nose bridge weigh almost half the originals... feel like they are made of plastic and really the quality of etching, markings and the overall make is really bad. Yet they come with the instructions bookelt, they box and a case which is just like the original case just not leather and cheap quality anyways.

BEAWARE!! hope this helps...



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