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I have used the payperparcel service for about three years on and off, for occasional ebay sales.  I have not experienced anything like the previous reviewer, and wonder how much experience his review is based on - is it just a single collection gone wrong ~?   I have found them to be reliable and trustworthy, and have always found the drivers to be helpful and co-operative when collecting parcels - even advising on suitable packaging.  They collect heavy parcels without fuss and are about the cheapest I've found, offering up to 32k transported within a parcel size maximum for less than £9.  I have claimed twice for broken items and have always received a prompt refund and have never had any item go missing or arrive incomplete. Customer services are always happy to help with queries by phone or email, and are always prompt in their response.  My advice is try them - they provide a good service at a price which will keep your ebay buyers happy.
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