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People who moan about a bit of extra postage should try selling something for next to nothing, then packing it up and taking it to the Post Office. Then wait to see the miserable amout they sold their item for be reduced even further by Ebay fees.

This is an auction site, not a charity give-away. A lot of people seem to want everything for nothing then expect it to be delivered next day, well wrapped and at a minimal cost.

I recently sold a Radley bag which would have cost between £50 and £60 in John Lewis. My bag sold for £10.31. I charged £4.00 postage and packing. It was commented in my feedback that the postal charge was too high for such a tiny item.

  • The actual postage was just under £2.00
  • The item was wrapped in tissue paper (I paid for this)
  • It was then wrapped in bubble wrap (I paid for this)
  • It was put in a bubble envelope (This was a reused envelope)
  • It was securely wrapped in parcel tape (I paid for this)
  • It had a typed receipt on my A4 paper (Paid for by me)
  • It had the address on my A4 paper (paid for by me)
  • I drove almost 2 miles to the Post Office and stood in a queue to post the item.

People can easily check the postage charge before bidding. People who moan about a bit extra on the postage are just greedy. They want something for nothing and when they get it, they still moan about the 'high cost of postage'.

Finally if you buy an item from a shop and you want it delivered, it usually costs an arm and a leg, and you may have to wait 3 weeks. Next day delivery is usually in the region of £10 from John Lewis. Regardless of the weight and size of the item.

Stop moaning for goodness sake. Nine times out of ten you still have an amazing bargain.  

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