Read b4 buying-Don't buy an expensive guitar from China

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The title is just a suggestion, but my point is this.

If a seller is based in china and their entire feedback is either formed from ebooks, items worth less than £20 or even kept private i would give them a wide berth. As they have a private user ID, it makes it impossible to tell where that feedback came from and it is not difficult to attain a feedback score of 500 from buying loads of Ebooks, and then selling.

These sellers will often offer up guitars by Ibanez, Fender, Gibson or les paul, or even gretsch and advertise them for pennies with high postal costs. You will notice almost all the adds look the same. this is because it is the same person running the same scam.

In a case where they do not accept paypal then avoid them as you will be asked to pay via bank transfer or other means whereby you remain unprotected as a buyer. Even if you intend to use paypal, they will message you to say that they are experiencing problems with their paypal account and could you transfer the amount straight into their HK bank account.


If you think about it, it is too good to be true. The guitar costs you £195 total (4.99 listing and 190 shipping...) so where's the profit to be had in that.


you will either get nothing and lose your money or you will get a guitar that's not worth even using as firewood.

I may be wrong and there are just a minority but what i have mentioned previously should be taken into account when bidding on a guitar from China.

Be careful out there and if in doubt, ask questions and make sure you can be covered under Paypals buyer protection scheme. If they tell you there is a problem with their Paypal account, ask them to nullify the deal. Ebay rules allow a buyer to terminate a contract if the seller offers paypal in their listing but then withdraws that offer later.

it's all food for thought. I hope i've been a little helpful at least,

I'm not saying don't trade with the chinese, i'm just saying be wary.

take care, and don't get ripped off!




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