Read what the sellers has put ... carefully !!

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Be careful when buying from a non business seller, not all sellers are genuine people on Ebay.
I had an instance recently, where the seller had wrote in the description ... "sold as seen"
The object was a cheap used camera, when it arrived, it did not actually work, and I had to go to Ebay to get my money back, the seller was adamant that the "sold as seen" actually stood for something legal, when in actual fact, it does not
"sold as seen" is not actually a legal statement, and has not been for a long time, as so many people were being ripped of my dubious sellers, and unfortunately, there are still people trying to rip people off with this statement.
So if a seller has written "sold as seen" in the item description, it actually means nothing as far as your consumer rights are concerned, also ..... how can something be sold as seen, when you can't actually check it out until it arrives ??
Some people will try anything .... even now!
The seller agued with me for a week, insisting that as far as he was concerned ... "sold as seen" was as good as it was going to get from him, it may work with a guy he met in a pub, but not on here, his message reply bordered on abusive, but gladly it got him nowhere, to get your money back via Ebay, you have to wait 8 days, so be patient.
If someone does put "sold as seen" ..... what are they trying to hide from you ???
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