Real 3D Cinema Glasses

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I have noticed that there are a lot of sellers out there selling what they call Real 3D Cinema glasses. Well for the ones that dont know out there who are buying them they dont work at home. These glasses are designed only for cinemas and not for general use anywhere else.

The glasses themselves are not made to be used at any specific movie or theater, and Real D 3D glasses should work with any Real D 3D movie which is shown in any cinema that has this format.

All the Real 3D cinema glasses have a horizontally polarized filter in the left lens and a vertically polarized filter in the right lens. The cinema uses a projector with two separate images on the film. The left image is projected through a horizontal polarizer and the right image is projected through a vertical polariser.

The two images have slightly different 'perspectives' because they were recorded using a camera with two lenses, one for left, the other for right (just like your eyes). This system generates a combined stereoscopic image which is synchronised and which is how the 3D effect works.

As you probably now realize, you cannot reproduce this effect with your home cinema or TV system because you dont have the two separately polarized images. TV's only give un-polarised light and home cinemas dont have the polarisers fitted.

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