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There is a good chance that anything described on eBay as leather will not be leather. eBay does not seem to police the use of the word "leather" and sellers do not seem to care that they are deceiving buyers.
Leather means made from animal skin. It does not need further description. It doesn't need to be called "genuine" or "real" if it's made of leather. Leather is leather. If it's called leather, then it should be leather. If it's not leather, then it should be called plastic, canvas or whatever material it is.
You may think that looking for items with "leather" in the title will limit the selection to leather items only but, sadly, it is not so. Even if a title include a phrase like "genuine real leather", the item may still be genuine real plastic.
There's also a product which is being called "PU leather". These items are plastic, not leather.
So, buyer, beware of every product described as leather, because it may very well be simply plastic. It may look like leather, and it may be hard to tell apart from leather for a few months, but it will be a fake, and in a year or so it will start to disintegrate, as plastic always does. Don't pay good money for anything decsribed as leather unless you absoluetly KNOW that it is leather. Otherwise, you are likely to be disappointed.



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