Real Madrid Football Shirt Buying Guide

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Real Madrid Football Shirt Buying Guide

A professional football club based in Madrid, the Real Madrid Club dates back to 1902. Many fans and supporters of the team love collecting team shirts to wear at the games. Before you purchase one, make sure to consider the type of shirt, size, and whether you want to invest in an autographed shirt.


A Football Shirt Versus the Football Kit

Real Madrid merchandise covers all areas of fan's clothing needs. There are a great deal of colours and designs when it comes to Real Madrid football shirts. You can also purchase a jersey as part of the football kit that the players actually wear on the field. These kits look like the same uniforms worn by Real Madrid players with a few minor changes, such as lack of numbers or lettering. A kit usually includes the jersey, shorts, and socks. Fans who prefer a t-shirt more appropriate to everyday wear can find that too. T-shirts in solid blue, orange or white, feature the team colours along with designs like the logo, the club name, favoured players, or even winning games.


Football Shirt Sizing

Sizing is essential in any piece of clothing. Official Real Madrid shirts are available in sizes from extra-small to extra-extra-extra large. Adidas produces the football kits, so they use different sizing for the jersey and other items. Jerseys tend to run slightly larger than a regular t-shirt. Also, the kit offers an extra-small size, whereas the smallest t-shirt size is just small. Always use a tape measure to determine chest circumference before looking up the centimetre measurements of different available sizes.


Signed Real Madrid Football Shirts

Another option is a signed Real Madrid football shirt. Signed shirts are not meant for wearing, but serve as collector's items to display. Whenever you purchase a signed shirt, look for a certificate of authenticity from the seller. It is even better if you can get a photo of the player signing the shirt too. Also, shirts signed by the entire club are exceedingly rare, as only a few are released each season. It is likely that any shirts with a number of signatures are very expensive and difficult to obtain. It is best to display signed shirts in archival quality glass frames on the wall. This keeps framed shirts out of the way, but still highly visible, and protects the shirt from the elements.

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