Real fur coats

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As an animal lover I am surprised at the number of people buying real fur coats. Fur farming is a vile practice. The animals are held in tiny cages for the whole of their lives. Cages with mesh floors and which do not allow natural behaviours. The smell inside the sheds is dreadful. The ammonia makes you cough and gag and stings your eyes. When the animals are killed, they are roughly dragged from the cage and a large electrode, the size of a small cucumber is roughly shoved into the anus, deep enough to go into to bowels. This causes terrible pain and the animal screams and struggles, all to no avail.Then another electrode is roughly shoved into the mouth, breaking teeth and causing yet more pain. A huge electrical current is then passed through the electrodes and the animal again suffers agony and terror before it dies.

 Real fur coats are ugly and make you look fat. Real fur coats are farmed using cruelty and brutality. Animals may end up being skinned when not properly dead. Skinned alive in other words. Are you sure you still want a real fur coat. Do you have a pet dog? Call yourself an animal lover? How can you wear a fur coat and look your pet in the eyes. Would you wear a dog skin coat?

do a simple google search for 'fur farming' if you want to wear a real fur coat. At least learn the truth about real fur and then decide.

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