Really FREE??

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You will all have seen the dozens of ebay adverts offering the latest gadgets for free, or for £5...

Q: Is this true?

A:Not quite, there is a requirement to get a certain number of other people to do the same.


Q: Is this possible?

A: YES!!! It does take a fair bit of effort but it is possible, start with something small like an ipod shuffle which you can get for referring 3 more people to sign up... you must have that many friends!

Personally I have had a psp, a Wii, an Xbox 360 and an iPod touch, but what I am working towards now is a PS3, I have 3 of the 11 people I require, so am after just 8 more!! Could you be one of those people... if you found this guide useful show your appreciation by doing a google search for and read the instructions on the site there and once you have completed an offer (I suggest Gala) I will send you my methods for getting those elusive people to sign up!!


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