Reborn Doll Kits and Supplies Buying Guide

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Reborn Doll Kits and Supplies Buying Guide

Many hobbyists enjoy the process of making the Reborn Doll look as realistic as possible through the use of paints and realistic hair pieces. Many people are discovering the joy of creating a beautiful new baby doll.

Finding everything the hobbyist needs can be difficult on the internet, but with the help of this handy guide, the Reborn Doll hobbyist can be find everything they need to make their little darling come to life. As with many Toys & Games, eBay offers a fine selection of Reborn Dolls Kits.

Information about Reborn Dolls Kits

Reborn Dolls can be purchased as basic kits comprising of the main body parts i.e. the head, arms and legs. The bodies for some dolls are made from fabric and stuffed with light padding so the doll can be posed to give it a more life-like quality. It is rare the entire body is made from vinyl as it would be difficult to move the doll into different positions. The Reborn Doll is often life like in weight and size as well.

Ready painted Reborn Dolls are carefully handcrafted by artists. The paint is built up in layers and baked between each layer. Detail such as veins and milk spots are added on until the Reborn Doll looks as life-like as a new born baby. The hair is then carefully threaded in and can take up to 20,000 strands to give the appearance of wispy new-born’s hair.

Advantages to Buying a Reborn Dolls Kit on eBay

Reborn Dolls kits are generally not available from stores, so the internet is the best place to find them, but this can be difficult and some websites might not be trustworthy. eBay is an excellent place to look for Reborn Doll Kits, these are the following advantages as to why:

  • eBay offers many reliable and reputable sellers who specialise in Reborn Dolls Kits
  • The range of dolls and supplies is easy to browse and search for on eBay.
  • Secure forms of payment on eBay means that the seller has protection when buying Reborn Dolls Kits through eBay.
  • Reborn Dolls Kits will be cheaper on eBay as there are no overheads from sellers as there would be in a shop or warehouse.

What to Consider When Looking for Reborn Dolls Kits

Before purchasing the perfect Reborn Dolls Kit, the buyer needs to consider several aspects when looking at listings:

  1. Quality of the work: the parts of the kit should be clean without any rough edges. Check for any signs of distress or wear on the pieces. Also check that the description says the Reborn Doll parts are vinyl and not any other material. It should be non-toxic as well.
  2. The feedback of the seller: this is important for ensuring the quality of the kit, if the seller has much negative feedback from previous sellers then it is recommended not to proceed with any bidding as the item received may be inferior.
  3. Clear description: for a kit the seller should describe all of the parts that come in the kit. Some kits may come with paints or extra pieces like eyes or hair. This should be stated and if unsure, the buyer shouldn’t hesitate to ask the seller for more details or to combine postage on other items the seller has for sale.
  4. Some Reborn Dolls come with a ‘belly plate’, these are to cover the fabric body and give the baby a more natural appearance. Some Reborn Dolls Kits may not come with a belly plate.

How to Buy a Reborn Doll Kit on eBay

To begin searching for the perfect Reborn Doll kit on eBay, go to eBay’s home portal page: From there the buyer can look at the Dolls &Bears category, and move onto the Dolls subcategory. There buyer can select the Reborn option to view specific Reborn Dolls listings. The other option for the buyer is to use specific search terms such as ‘Reborn Dolls Kit to find such listings.

eBay offers subtypes to help refine searches: so aspects such as type of material can be selected to help with the search. Another subtype is brand, which in the case of Reborn Dolls Kits there aren’t many hugely known brands, so the search option ‘unspecified’ will yield more listings. Some of the kits will be named such as ‘Daisy’ or ‘Tyler’. These sorts of listings will be kits made by popular artists and therefore have a collector’s value. The seller will specify if the doll is unpainted in the listing, and if unsure the buyer shouldn’t hesitate to ask the seller any questions.

Not all kits will come with extras such as paints, so to search for the suitable paints simply enter Reborn Doll Paints into the eBay homepage. Most paints will need to be dried in the oven between each layer to set the paints, but there are new air drying paints available for Reborn Doll hobbyists to try. Good quality brushes will also improve the application of the paint. The buyer can look for these by searching for Reborn Doll brushes. Reborn supplies will vary depending on how specific the search term is, but there is a wide variety under the search term ‘Reborn Supplies.

Here are other useful Reborn Doll Kit Supplies:

Buying through eBay is usually done through two means:

  • Bidding
  • ‘Buy it now’

Auction is the main way of buying on eBay, this is advantageous as the buyer can choose not to go above a certain limit. The buyer can also search for listings between certain prices by using the subtype ‘price’ to enter values between two amounts, such as £5-£50. ‘Buy it now’ options are great ways of securing an item without the worry of losing out on a bid and often the P&P may be free which is a good incentive for the buyer.

The postage for each kit will vary depending on the weight of the item, as there may be paints or heavier parts included. The doll will come carefully wrapped in order to prevent any breakages.

Once the buyer has decided to buy a Reborn Doll Kit the payment process can start. PayPal is a safe way of paying but other forms of payment can be used, it is best to check the seller’s preference for payment before making a purchase.

Accessories for Reborn Dolls

Every Reborn Doll is precious to the hobbyist, and therefore every doll shouldn’t be without the basics. It is generally known that doll sized clothes won’t fit the Reborn Doll. Real baby clothes will fit the Reborn Doll better and also make the doll look more real. There are many sellers on eBay who specialise in Reborn clothing that is designed to the fit dolls perfectly and also make it easier to dress the doll.

Other Accessories for Reborn Dolls can be combs and hairbrushes as well as bottles and pacifiers.

Hints and Tips for Reborn Doll Hobbyists

It is ideal to rub the doll’s surface down with mild acetone to remove excess paint that might be left over from the factory process. This will prevent paint sitting on the surface of the doll and allow for a more even coat to be applied. Allow to dry before applying any paints. Where possible use a separate oven when baking the body parts of the Reborn Doll, this will prevent any cross contamination with food in the oven.When painting and handling the doll, keep hands as clean as possible as the oils from the hand might impact the way the paint goes onto the doll’s skin.

Consider that some paints may rub off, so it is advised to use the best quality paint possible to prevent smudging when the doll is handled. The best place to start with detail is painting tiny veins onto the Reborn Doll. Study pictures of new born babies to see where veins are mostly likely to occur, such as on the hands and feet and back of the head.When rooting the hair on the doll, use the finest rooting tools possible. Glue the hair from the inside of the head cavity to allow for more professional finish. Try to avoid rooting the hair too close together in clumps. Study pictures of new born babies to get a good idea on how to style the hair. Once the glue has dried trim the hair a little at a time until the desired length has been reached.Paying attention to details such as nicely trimmed nails will make the doll look more lifelike. Seal the nails with a good quality sealant to ensure the nails won’t get chipped or dirty.


‘Reborning’ is a very popular hobby performed by thousands all over the world, and with access to many resources on the internet, it is easier than ever to pursue this hobby. It can seem difficult tracking down quality Reborn Dolls Kits and supplies, but eBay has taken out much of the stress by placing everything the hobbyist needs in useful categories. Finding the perfect Reborn Dolls Kit on eBay is so easy, it’s like falling in love with a new born baby.

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