Reborn Guilds

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After reading a few guides and reviews on Reborn doll guilds  I thought I would approach some opinions made on them.
Granted that some say "it does not mean you are the most talented artist out there if you belong to a guild", but if you ask the most talented artists you will find it was these a long standing guilds and groups that helped them improve their art form.
Guilds are not just a group of men and women in a forum chin wagging all day, we are a group who dedicate our time to one another to help each other improve our art form, learning vastly on the ever improvement of the art of reborning, so we can give the customer satisfaction in receiving a work of art they are happy with, and exceptional customer care.,  they are a community of reborn artists, new and old who get together to share their art, and help each other improve on a daily basis.I know since being a member of guilds as far back as 2002 I have improved vastly, and my art form has increasing improved year to year.We all need honest critique of our works of art , as we the artists will always feel our work is exceptional , until someone with more talents in some aspects of reborning can pin point out our flaws, and point out where we can improve.
Yes I am the founder of ERA, (Exceptional Reborn Artistry guild) ,so I am expected to say nice things about guilds , but like the saying goes ,don't knock it until you try it. Some will try it , and found they couldn't hack it, as they have realised that full guild membership isn't given to just anyone, so have resented that to get their full member status they will need to go through the Guild's rigorous standards process, which ensures their future customers excellence and distinction in their field of work, these are type of people who usually are going around knocking the guilds, as they want a quick merit for their work and don't wish to work at it The long standing guilds , such as ERA , and CRIB ,  have strict rules in their guilds, such as any member who received bad feedback on their works will be put to a lower status in the guild,  or have their membership revoked. So all the full guild members should only have the best feedback for the Reborns, which is a point of guarantee they have all satisfied customers.
Unfortunately their are a lot of jealous types in the dolly world who will just out and out cause problems for guilds and their talented artist, these types don't like competition and will jump at any chance to report their competition to ebay for having anything such as a link to their website in their auctions. Another good reason to join a guild, we try to help others to name and shame , and stomp these sad types out, which results in them not being excepted into any guilds
So you see there are good reasons why Reborn artists join a guild. If your planning to join a guild I suggest you find out a bit about them by visiting their websites, or emailing them direct to find out all about them. And yes, there are a lot of talented artists who choose not to join a guild , and much prefer to go it on their own, and good for them, each to their own, but I have to say in any art , the artists  with  awards , merits , distinction have gained them through classes, colleges  , and guilds, and are usually more well known , and their art work is  more sort after.
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