Reborners Guilds

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Like if this guide is helpful

I have just read a guide on buying reborn babies (dolls)

I would like to make it very clear to the uninitiated, 90% of reborn guilds are just made up to add a logo to an EBay Auction, Some reborners collect logo's more than babies (dolls).

It is very important, to the buyer, to look very closely at the seller photo's, to see if any photo's has been touched up.

you will have to check out their feedback closely, see how often they are selling babies, as they take a few weeks to make one, so they would be of a very low quality if the seller had two or three auctions a fortnight.

ask the seller about guarentees, repairs etc,

Look at how many Guild Logo's the seller has, are their too many???

can you check out these guilds, because of the price most of these reborns sell for, do your homework first, check out the seller then check out their guilds, as always it is buyer beware,  check the auction description, is it in plain english or is it full of technospeak to look good, but you cannot understand it,

ask as many questions as for the things you really want to know, before you consider bidding,

If you get answers you like go ahead and bid, if not look around, there are many many reborners using ebay and you should be able to find the same doll from another seller,

I from personal experience have found the guilds to more of a social group of friends than a guild. some will not tell you there members and others simply dont answer at all,

it's your money, could you buy  a better baby, than the one you fancy, ask first, it's TOO LATE after the auction ends...

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