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This little guide will be added to my listings via a link I hope you find it helpful

A reborn comes from a kit sculpted by artists around the world ranging from £49.00 to £ 70.00 all kits now are soft vinyl with lots of detail. A reborners work starts when kit arrives turning it into a realistic looking baby as possible, using materials stated in listings. To all Artistic reborners making baby feel real when lifting is also important with weight soft fibre fill and jointed disc jointed body.

I have also over the years reborn Ashton Drakes and Baby dolls, my favorate dolls I use are sucky lips and chad valleys. With the down turn in the market due to the worlds finacial situation I have gone back to reborning dolls inbetween my kits and Ashton Drakes this gives everyone a chance to own one of these adorable babys.If I reborn a Ashton Drake I will keep hair if it is imacualte and tangle free and still soft this saves alot of work and means I can keep rooting costs down. Factory paint is removed and baby is washed ready for layers of paint, also if a Ashton Drakes body is still new clean and bobble free I will just take out the sand they use and replace with white pellets and new fibre fill , other than that all reborning is then the same as if it was a kit. This also applys to a doll although mostly I have a custom jointed body made for suckys, and keep the chads own cotton bodys. details of what I have done is always found in listings.

As soon as work starts on kit,doll Ashton Drake I know weather it is a boy or girl and start planning the outfit ahead . Although possiable to change baby from girl to boy or visa virsa it is always best to ask the artist before bidding as some reborners may choose to use a blue body for a boy in which case making it into a girl would matter .I reborned a Ashton Drake recently a emily who comes with a bow from factory, as emilys hair and bow was in perfect condition (will try to add image) I left it and just painted her opened the nose  added new body tipped nails ect , on bidding and winning my little girl the lady on receiving emily decided she wanted her to be a boy and started a case against me saying the bow was damage to the baby as she wanted a boy !!!! I dont need to add my thoughts of this ridiculous women buying a girl when she wanted a boy !!

Always research the kit, Ashton Drake ,doll you are thinking of bidding on if you google the doll or kit name it will bring up extra info and you will see others reborn as a guide to what this reborn would be like with blonde hair or different hair for example. I always google a expensive item for differnt ideas or veiws it certainly helps me decide.

And lastly email the seller if like me they encourage questions to make sure your happy with your buy they wont mind at all and will have all the answears to any questions you have.

There seems to be a number of people ruining sales for geniune buyers on ebay I belong to reborn forums where we chat and learn new skills and daily someone reports a non payer I myself have had my fair share this last few weeks, I want to point out here that we have a name and shame list where we add this buyers to help each other to avoid these people. The longer I am with ebay the more I learn and now understand why so many have so many things added to there listings I had my templates designed for me and felt I didnt want all this added there it distracts from enjoying photos and this way others can aslo gain some knowledge about reborns.

little post script added 2nd june 2010

morning everyone I am smiling today wondering if my reveiw will turn into a book :) as I might keep popping back to add things from my ebay world the short story !

I offer a layway to help both me and buyers we cant all find money to pay out for a treat like a reborn baby. All i ask is that a bidder contacts me before bidding to confirm wanting layway, and that on winning they pay the deposit . So after sending a request for my deposit  times and after selling a baby jack and having no replys to emails I opened a non payment case.

I now have feedback calling me rude :) Im not rude im so tierd of non payers and time wasters :(

Angie of Button nose nursery



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