Receiving Your item and other horror stories....

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Summer tote shopping bag
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Summer tote shopping bag
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Receiving Your item...and other stories...

WOW.......You got your item today and You are  so excited...can't wait to open it....try it...wear it....Looks perfect on You and fits well ....You absolutely Love It !!! 
That's is the scenario we all love. Buyer is happy and  after all seller as well.
But what so excited...can't wait to open...try it....ughhh....It is not what You want .Is it?
Buying clothes online is  difficult. Maybe not very difficult but hard enough to catch yourself in  phrases like : ' I do not like feeling of this' or 'this textile is awful !!! I hate it!!!!' or ' Its to thick ', 'oh no I can see my bottom its all see through ...'
Fair enough to say we do not like this feeling ,we hate it and for some of us it is the end of the world and truly nightmare... This wonderful item was for your Holiday ,Dream Date ,Birthday Party  and its only tomorrow ... 
We deserve to get what we want, the look we want  , the item we think about and we  just see ourselves in it...Before my wedding i was dreaming about cinderella  wedding dress...lace,organza and layers...I saw myself (in my mind) looking absolutely gorgeous in white dress with  corset and this queen style skirt...What a disappointment  after I have try it on...First fought was o goshhh I look like a pumpkin....But this model ...this one on the picture just right there in catalogue on the table ....she looks so stunning...

So ,where is the problem....

You will say... I  should get what I expect .... That's right !!! You should. But Buying online  you buy a picture of the item.You are looking on perfectly chosen model with perfectly done make up  ,tan and superb hair. It is very important to remember about this while making purchase. Team of people is working To show you the item in the best way .In a perfect way...but how many of us are looking as the models?  Do I look like this particular model? Am I so curvy as she is or maybe she is thin like a pencil? Is my bust so flat or so  big?  Is it so perfectly fitted or is it just pinned on her for the picture...For some of the questions we will never find the answer but it is always good to ASK.
Yes,ask a question...most of sellers is very helpful .If You by any chance do not talk to Customer Service of large  apparel  company it is huge possibility to get the information You want .Even if they are not in description. 
 If you do not like the feeling of the garment you received  ,please do not blame the seller.
No one knows apart from you if You will like it or not. Unfortunately for internet there is no way to show feeling or touch of textile. 
Again ,ASK if you can return it. There is no need to leave negative feedback .

Most of the garments containing polyester and elastane (spandex or lycra) are silky type of textile with high elasticity. Most of them are not see through but it also depends how thick or thin they are and what colour it is. Patterned  textile tends to be  visually less transparent than plain colours.
If You prefer cotton type textiles  you probably will not like Lycra ones but it does not mean you cant find something nice for you in touch and stretchy.
My advice is look for textiles containing  cotton  and elastane(spandex,lycra) or cotton ,polyester and elastane. Most of them has this matt finish and are not so shiny as only polyester and  elastane.They  also tends to fade quicker.

So ,if You get the item and for some reasons you do not like it...keep in touch with Your Seller.
Most of them will  help you and not because they do not want or are afraid to receive negative feedback but simply to save a relation with You as a customer.
Happy shopping experience  even if  failed  about product is very important for Buyer - You and for Seller.  Small amount of risk is calculated in shopping online especially if you buy clothes. Personally I love  it. Just keep calm and return it :)

Have a Lovely Time


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