Recent changes to Sky SD Satellite Platform

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As of  1st Jan 2013 it would now appear that Sky have removed all of the forced update streams for SD boxes. Digiboxes such as the Amstrad DRX 550, Pace DS 440 & DS 445, Grundig GDS series, Panasonic DSB 30 and Sony VTX 760U which were updating before Christmas now do not.

Most of the mainstream terrestrial channels are now available Free to Air and there are now only a small number, (seven), of Free to View channels, (conditional access) which require a Freesat or FTV card. The only conditional access channels that the author is aware of are as follows:-

Ch 157 Sony TV

Ch 181 Sony TV +1

Ch 323 Sony Movies

Ch 324 Sony Movies +1

Ch 367 Viva

Ch 413 Motors TV

Ch 429 Liverpool FC.

It seems hardly worth spending £25.00 on a Freesat card if this is all you get!. Of course there is still always the option of reactivating and expired white card to receive these channels. Simply insert the card into the box, switch to 157 and leave for 24 hours and hey presto!!


                                     Thomson DSI 4214Cs which power up with a blank screen

Due to temperature changes and condensation acquired during transit, particularly in cold weather, when these boxes are initially powered up it is suggested that you use the On switch on the box lid to turn it on. You may well find at the first attempt that all you are confronted with is a blank screen and sound only, please do not panic, as this is just due to the fact that the box has not initialised correctly. Simply remove the power connector from the box for 20 seconds and then reapply power and use the On switch on the box lid once again. The searching for listings screen should then appear, this always works second time around. Once the box has initialised the On Standby button on the remote may be used as normal. The afore going procedure is only necessary from a cold start.




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