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Getting unwanted sticker residue off Album Covers and Labels
Collecting music on vinyl has been a hobby of mine for many years, I like many others source my records new from a record store, record fairs and used records from car-boot markets, charity shops and off friends.I vote it as my favourite past time to date.

Sometimes a cover will be in need of some tidying up.

You can successfully repair split seams  with a concealed patches.

A lot of marks on covers can come off by wiping (if laminated) with a mildly damp soft cloth.

Non laminated surfaces, especially on old Parlophone  Garrod and Lofthouse type covers found on early Beatles records are easily removed with a soft white eraser or by using some white bread.

Problem until now has always been the successful removal of sticky labels.

I have damaged covers in the past by trying to peel off an over sticky label. The hot breath method works very well most of the time but sticky ressidue can often remain.

Finally I have found a product that I have been looking for all my years as a Record Collector and can give it a good reveiw as it is a top rated product.
This product is called Sticky Stuff Remover and it is made by Mykal industries. It comes in a 250ml bottle (use sparingly) and costs under (U.K) £5.00.

I find that it zaps any sticky residue on either the cover or record label with ease leaving a nice clean surface. I always test it on an  small area of the surface first just in case.

It's very handy around the house too, even works on skin and hair!

Buying and selling records is great fun and we all want our collection to look its best. If you want to sell some vinyl it is best to try and clean it up a bit to help increase it value. After testing out this product on some of my less rare albums, I decided to give it a got on some rare Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix then my Beatles and Rolling Stones records. Some of the stickers were old and left a very sticky residue. Using the Sticky Stuff Remover all marks just wiped of leaving no trace, and my album covers looking very smart indeed. Definitely a thumbs up vote.

I hope that this guide has given you a useful tip.

Best Regards

montreux blue

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