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My advice for first time vinyl sellers.

More and more people who collect and sell records on ebay are relying on Price guides to buy or in particular sell their vinyl. Please remember that these reference guides are just that - guides !

Pricing Records.

A record for sale is only worth as much as the buyer(s) are prepared to pay. Just because a record states in the price guide £100 it does not mean that buyers are prepared to pay £100. So if you are preparing to sell vinyl for the first time on ebay please be realistic in pricing the records, if a record is rare the buyers will tell you it is rare by bidding up. A note worth mentioning is that a rare record listed at 99p tends to attract more attention than the same record listed at top dollar !

Grading Records.

Most price guides list Mint Prices beside them. Please be aware that Mint means just that - Unplayed and possibly sealed. It is extremely rare to find a Mint record from the sixties and seventies decades. I suggest if you are not sure if it is unplayed but looks as if it is - List it as Near Mint.  The Grading system found in some guides are: Mint - Excellent - Very Good - Good - Fair - Bad. These generally are abbreviated down to M - Ex - Vg - G - F - B. Some sellers of vinyl attach a Plus or Minus symbol in an attempt to show that there is a slight difference from the next grading.

These grading symbols can be very confusing to the first time buyer or seller. For example 'Good' does not mean that there are no scratches on the record or creases on the sleeve - Good can be described to a record that has some sound distortion a few scratches and perhaps a scuffed and creased sleeve. It is very rarely that a seller would list a BAD record as this means it is unplayable. perhaps if the Bad record is worth a couple of grand as a mint copy a buyer might be prepared to give you £20 to use it as a collection filler.


I tend to grade my records with a slight under-grading, for example if i think the record is Ex i would grade it as VG+.  Now an argument with that system that i use by some sellers, is that i would not get top price for the records. My argument is that slightly under-grading means no nasty surprises for the buyer who has higher expectations and a likelihood of buyer coming back for a repeat purchase with a possibility of recommendations to the buyers friends. One of my feedback that i am particularly proud of is..... "At last, an ebay seller who grades properly"  The guy that left that has visited my auctions several times since !

Have a great time in selling your vinyl. whether you are a buyer or seller i wish you the best of luck on ebay.






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