Recovery trucks are they mot exempt

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MOT exempt Recovery trucks there is a lot of confusion and false advertising do you really want one and is the truck you are looking at really mot exempt?

I have a lot of experience in building commercial and plant bodies and the MOT exempt rule is regally brought up in conversation yes there are vehicles on the road that are mot exempt but I do not see the why any one would really benefit from this.

What makes a vehicle MOT exempt.

  • MOT exempt is a rule for plant vehicles only.
  • The vehicle must have a gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes (3500kg)
  • The vehicle must only be used for the purpose it was designed

Plant vehicles (what are they)

A plant vehicle is basically a peice of machinery on wheels it is made to do a job and has wheels to get to the job. The main vehicles that come under this class are farm machinery and cranes.  The only way that a recovery truck can be MOT exempt is if it is a purely spec lift and is not used for any purpose other than recovering disabled cars.

Things that stop your truck legaly being MOT exempt.

  • Using it for nipping to the shop.
  • Using it to travel to or from work.
  • Having a bed of any type to carry any thing other than a disabled car.
  • Moving sales cars or any other car that has the means to move itself.
  • Having storage for any items other than tools to do the job it is made for.
  • Carrying passengers other than the people in the disabled vehicle you are recovering.

There are ways to get around all of the above but I would not recomend any of them.

Using for other uses you can travel anywhere in it if you are on 24 HR call out to speed up response but it can get very messy.

You can disable a car your self but a disabled car is one that can not be mended easily on the side of the road so pulling a HT lead off is not a good idea.

You can carry other passengers if they are needed to carry out the work that it is designed for not recomended unless you are recovering.

Down sides of owning a MOT exempt Recovery vehicle.

  • The main down side of owning a MOT exempt recovery Truck is that it can only be used for the purpose of recovery it can make 2 journeys 1 is to collect a disabled car and the other is to move the disabled car.
  • The vehicle still needs to be sound, if your brakes fail and you cause a large accident you are then in a sticky situation as you need to keep your vehicle in good condition and then you are responsible where as if it has the normal inspections and or mot  (bits of paper to say other people have checked the vehicle) you have a leg to stand on.

My advise to any one with a recovery vehicle is to either get a MOT on it or if it is definately MOT exempt is to get it regally checked like most HGV vehicles and get the corresponding paperwork.

Hope this has been of some help.

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