Recycling Envelopes, Junk Mail & Padded Bags

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Recycling Envelopes

Most councils now collect recycled waste from households including paper.  Normally council guidelines are that envelopes must not be included in the recycled paper.  This is purely to prevent the plastic windowed envelopes contaminating paper waste.  To make sure you do the most for the environment simply tear out the plastic windowed part of the envelope and then the rest can be recycled as normal paper.

For envelopes that have your address written on them its advisable to tear out the name and address part of the envelope and treat this as you would do any other personal details - for example destroy it in the same way as you would bank slips or statements - the rest of the envelope can then be recycled.

Recycling Junk Mail

When recycling junk mail be a little careful with anything that has your name and details on it.  An example is a credit card application form which you didn't request.  To maximise what can be recycled simply tear out any part of the letter or form that has any of your details pre-printed or any distinguishing numbers then destroy this bit in a secure way.  The rest of the junk mail can then be recycled.

Recycling Padded Bags

All too many padded bags are used just once and then go straight into the rubbish.  Padded bags include plastics (such as the padded bubble wrap part) that are not nessecarily biodegradeable.  If you buy and sell on Ebay then consider re-using the padded bag. All you need to do is buy some white stickers and a roll of parcel tape from a stationary store (or on ebay !)  then you can place a sticker over the previous address & stamp already on the padded envelope and reseal it using the parcel tape.  If you send an invoice or "with compliments" slip to your customers then include a line which reads "We encourage the recycling of packaging material to protect the environment" and you will get their full support..... plus it will save you a little on your packaging costs which you may be able to pass on to your customers.

.......... While junk mail can be an inconvenience, it also helps maintain jobs in the mail delivery, printing and many other commercial sectors.  Recycling your junk mail however will greatly reduce the impact it has on the environment.

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