Recycling V Biodegradable

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Many products that are biodegradable cannot be recycled, this means that a choice needs to be made between the recycling option or the biodegradable option, the best choice is different for different products and is covered in detail in this article.

Polythene Bags, Carriers,  Sacks, Bubble wrap and other Polythene products.
These products can be made as ether Biodegradable or Recyclable but not both, however the cost of making Biodegradable versions is very high and normally requires the use of Crude Oil Derivatives, because these products Cannot be recycled the dependency on Crude Oil is higher than for recycled products.
Sapphire recommends: Recyclable  (If you particularly wish to have biodegradable then consider paper products which are often stronger and more presentable but at a cost)

Packing Chips.
These can be made from polystyrene which is not biodegradable and is hard to recycle or from plant mater which is biodegradable, most biodegradable versions leave much to be desired, however the BondMark approved brand BioFill is a high quality product that is able to compete with standard polystyrene chips.
Sapphire recommends: Biodegradable

Boxes, Corrugated Card, Paper Bags, Envelopes, Mailing tubes and other Paper based products.
All these products are plant based and are both Biodegradable and Recyclable.
Sapphire recommends: Biodegradable/Recyclable

Paper tapes are recyclable and biodegradable but lack strength and tack and are expensive to make, Polypropylene and PVC (Vinyl) tapes are hard to recycle and are not biodegradable however this is a small area of the overall packaging and by using low wastage products such as BondMark approved brand E-Tape the environmental impact can minimized.
Sapphire recommends: E-Tape (if strength, tack and cost are not an issue then paper tape could be used)

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