Red Steel - Nintendo Wii

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As far as games come for the Wii, at the time of writing this review, unique, adult orientated action games are scarce and hard to find. So, this led me to Red Steel, a unique 1st person, action adventure, shoot em up come sword slashing chinese triad murdering game.

So, aside from a pathetically hollow and complicated Chinese based triad mafia, turned Yakuza slasher storyline, what is this game about? Well, you start off being treated like a true idiot like pointing at fish? DUH! But actually, this is where you will first discover the ingenious use of the Wii remote. Never before has an action game felt so involving. This is the best control system since the mouse for the PC. You use the Nunchuck to walk around (like a traditional analog stick) and the B trigger to fire a weapon.

Once you have grasped the basics, you are thrown into the deep end with atmospheric destructable environments and fairly intelligent Artificial intelligent enemies which are both cunning and cowardly. Anybody familiar with the light gun games Time Crisis and The House Of The Dead will instantly feel at home and will benefit hugely from the Wii's point and shoot control system. Pressing the A button on an enemy locks the centre of the screen onto the opponent, great for first timers and novices.

Then you get greeted by the horror. THE SWORD FIGHTS!! Argh! They completely ruin the entire experience for me. They are supposed to involve "dodges, counters, special moves and tactics" instead, you wave your left arm round like a tosser and keep straying left or right until either you or your opponent is dead. Absolutely awful.

There is an interesting selection of weapons. Uzi's, pistols, shotguns and Sniper rifles each have their own characteristics and the remote makes a satisfyingly (kinda) realistic ammo change when the time comes to reload. Also, timed perfectly, there is a satisfying rumble from the remote. Throwing grenades is both intuitive and rewarding as you select the option using the downward arrow and then with a wrist flick of the nunchuck, decide whether to hurl the grenade or roll it along the ground.

I mentioned the destructable environments earlier, they become your friend and both your hardest enemy. Walls crumble when sheltering behind them, the good old gas cannisters shoot balls of flames in every direction and cars are worryingly easy to ignite. There is an absolutely fantastic level where you are surrounded by huge vents for gas which ignite in a very intense shoot out resulting in you having to evacuate through the airducts.

You progressively learn new moves and new weapons are rewarded for completed levels. The A.I. also improve throughout the game, making those really annoying sword fights even tougher to win.

For you sociable people, a fourplayer split screen multiplayer option is available, but that will require 8 controllers, 4 nunchucks and four Wiimotes. It's also "supposedly" very poor when compared to other modern games.

Overall then, I personally believe that if you can put up with the, quite frankly, crap sword fights, this game is an enteraining well executed fun first person action game definately worthy of a purchase or a look. 8 out of 10.

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