Rediculous Ebay Product Descriptions!!!

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Thought I would write a small guide on what not to buy on Ebay.

Why do people describe their items for sale with words like "Wow" or "Best on Ebay" in the description?

99.99999% of the time the use of these words means that the item the seller is selling is absolute junk & not worth the listing fee in the vast majority of cases, yet people still buy them!!!! I have noticed this from sellers who buy job lots of items without knowing what they are buying then try to sell it on as if it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Most of the time, the items are listed under the various Fishing auctions and in some cases actually ILLEGAL to use in the UK but the seller has not put any warning at all on the listings.

Can Ebay not stamp out this type of activity?

I list all the items I sell TRUTHFULLY and to the best of my knowledge (which when it comes to fishing tackle is VERY high indeed) and I lose sales from being HONEST about the products. These other sellers who describe their items with "WoW" etc are plain & simply trying to rip people off by stating complete untruths about the products.

Basically what I am trying to say is lets stamp out this practise of falsely & inaccurately describing the items we all list and be honest with potential buyers about the items.

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