Redolz Luggage - Comments on Dcirulis' Review

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Referring to the review by <Dcirulis>

These suppliers, at present, on Ebay are selling Redolz luggage.

(1) Princess-peer
(2) Lpstore
(3) German-lifestyle-shop
(4) Kofferchen

All of these suppliers are part of Tasko Products GmbH of D-71522 Backnang.  web sites include  and

Clicking on products reveals no products. Yes there is a briefcase as part of the general web page decoration but certainly no list of products despite claiming, in German, an existence of 120 years !      My natural reaction is something may not be entirely normal. It is just my personal opinion based on the strange and incomplete web sites.

The German text is "Seit mehr als 120 Jahren gibt es Mappen und Koffer von TASchen KOpetzky (benannt nach einem der ersten Firmeninhaber Albert Kopetzky). Tasko ist für jeden Insider schon lange ein Begriff und für jeden Anwender ein Muss."

See the advice of <Dcirulis> and decide for yourself.


19 June 2007

Update 20 October 2007.

I can not comment on the quality of the products.

I think the seller offers cheap-ish prices because:

(A1) The seller is sourcing in the Far East, probably China, where costs are astonishingly low.

(A2) The seller has virtually no office work to do because ...

(A3) the seller is using a third-party distribution company in Germany called Afterbuy which stocks and distributes the seller's goods.

(A4) All the seller has to do is to re-list the same goods after auctions expire adding any new description or photograph.

(A5) The seller is advertising the same or similar goods, including elaborate handbags, on German Ebay using the name     german-lifestyle-shop ( search for redolz). However the seller has restricted sales on Ebay Germany to Germany & Austria only and sales on Ebay UK to UK & Ireland only.

(A6) Previous investigations show the seller has slightly increased the auction price by forcing the UK buyer, paying in GBP, to pay a Paypal currency conversation charge from GBP into Euro (now the currency of Germany). I've never know Paypal, now a bank, to offer the same exchange rates as Paypal's currency conversion charge will add an estimated 50p to GBP 1 on the price.

(A7) Some of the images and text on the action listing are not hosted on Ebay but copied in real-time from the seller's own web site, for example,9.gif

This appears to give the seller the ability to change descriptions and terms in the middle of an auction. I have no proof or suspicion the seller has ever done this.

(A8) The seller also sells the same items at Buy-it-Now prices which are vastly expensive compared to its auction prices. The auction prices could be loss-leader prices to attract buyers. However I would never dream of paying the seller's Buy-it-now price.

Tasko has these Ebay identities:

(1) Princess-peer
(2) Lpstore
(3) German-lifestyle-shop
(4) Kofferchen

(5) myjaged
(6) columnix

20 October 2007.
25 October 2007

Paid auction costs (goods and delivery) of GBP 17.41 by Paypal.  Because all the costs are shown by Afterby in Euros, Ebay's Paypal bank changed me 67p extra making a total payment of GBP 18.08. This amounts to a surcharge of 3.85% on the auction closing price.

Ebay allows Afterby to modified my Ebay account by authorising itself to do things which are unclear.  Check your MyEbay, Preferences,  'Third-party authorisations' and you will see an entry by Via Online. I've deleted that entry.

I await the goods and will comment on delivery speed and goods quality.

30 October 2007

Received PVC covered-briefcase "Design attaché case briefcase U205PU soft bag business"

It was well-made and well-packed. Thus good value for the GBP 9.51 + delivery I paid. It appears to have been made in China.

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