Reducing Water in a DIY Compressed Air Supply

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Reducing Water in a DIY Compressed Air Supply

A filter regulator mounted on a wall above the compressor, and fed by a flexible hose from the compressor with a drop leg to remove excess water prior to the regulator. System pressure could be read from the compressor.

The standard regulators on DIY compressors can be restrictive, so performance of the compressor could be improved by using a 1/2 inch regulator.

** The system described on this page is to a DIY standard. A professional standard spraying system would include a refrigerated drier after the compressor, and additional filters down to 0.1 micron in size.

For my purposes the system provides a reasonably dry and clean air supply for occasional spraying. A considerable amount of water is removed by the drop legs and the regulator bowl rather than passing through the spray gun.

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