Refilled Ink Cartridge HP 300XL for Deskjet

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I bought this product; HP300XL Black+Colour Ink for HP Deskjet Printer F4580
from a Top Rated Seller - seller information in my feedback for 24th March 2010. I paid £35.00 for the two inks  for use in my new three week old printer
The colour ink worked fine but the black ink could not be detected and caused issues with my printer. I wrote to the seller but he fobbed me off  by telling me that it was an ink meter problem. He said the cartridge was overfilled and that was why my printer detected it as empty. He said that as the ink lowered it would eventually be detected by my printer but I now realise he was just using a delaying tactic till the end of the buyer protection period. 
I will never buy this type of ink again because of this unscrupulous seller but for anyone buying refills - Do Not Be Fobbed Off - if the ink is not detected you've been ripped off and need to return the item a.s.a.p. There are some very good guides on buying this type of ink here on eBay but I would say, do not buy it unless you have your own cartridges to refill and you know they have not been used more than once for refilling
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