Refitting Rear Brake pipes On A Mini.

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When refitting ,

Shaping can be done whilst these are fitted in place.

Tighten the union in place to start shaping.  Start one pipe at a time

Once your pipe is shaped release the pipe unions so they are lose and you can shake them with your fingers, also known as chattering. 

To fit them all in place, it is best to chatter the pipes and then you will find they will all fit a lot better as you thread the union on to the adjoining pipe union. This makes life a bit easier especially when fitting the smallest 6 inch pipe onto the brass T Piece. The rubber flexi pipes should be tight in place at starting point, fit these first before the others. By not tightening each pipe on it's own, allows better fitting of all pipes. Once all fitted, go around each union to ensure they are all tight. 

When bleeding the brakes, look for any fluid leaking from unions, this can save you additional time in the future, this saves you losing brake pressure in the future.

Brake fluid should be flushed out of the system on major service intervals. This is because water/ moisture is absorbed into the fluid over time and this can make the pedal feel "spongy" and it will affect your braking performance

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